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Understanding Oxidative Stress: Causes, Effects and Mitigation Strategies


Henley Beckett*

Oxidative stress plays a significant role in the development and progression of various diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, neurodegenerative conditions and cancer. This article provides an in-depth understanding of oxidative stress, its causes, effects on health and strategies to mitigate its harmful impact. The biology of oxidative stress is explored, highlighting the generation and function of ROS. Environmental factors, diet and lifestyle choices, mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation are identified as key contributors to oxidative stress. The effects of oxidative stress on cardiovascular health, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and aging are discussed. Moreover, the role of antioxidants in combating oxidative stress is emphasized, encompassing enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and their synergistic effects. Diagnostic tools to assess oxidative stress levels are examined, including biomarkers, advanced oxidation protein products and total antioxidant capacity assays.

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