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Adipokines: Unveiling the Intricate Communication Network of Adipose Tissue


Andrew Marcin*

Adipokines, a group of bioactive molecules secreted by adipose tissue, have emerged as key regulators of metabolism, inflammation, and overall health. Once considered solely as energy storage depots, adipose tissue is now recognized as a dynamic endocrine organ that communicates with various organs throughout the body via the secretion of adipokines. This article provides a comprehensive overview of adipokines, including their classification, physiological roles, and implications in metabolic disorders and chronic diseases. Adipokines are classified into several groups, such as adiponectins, leptin, pro-inflammatory cytokines, anti-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors. Adiponectins exhibit insulinsensitizing and anti-inflammatory properties, while leptin regulates energy balance and neuroendocrine function. Pro-inflammatory cytokines contribute to chronic low-grade inflammation, and anti-inflammatory cytokines counteract their effects.

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