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Ensemble Multiwavelet analysis for Ship-Based Satellite Communication Antenna's Planetary Gearbox condition Monitoring


Yanyang Zi*

An important part of a ship's support for voice, data, fax, and video integration services are satellite communication antennas. From the vibration measurement data, condition monitoring of mechanical equipment is essential for ensuring safe operation and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. As a result, the ship-based satellite communication antenna condition monitoring system is designed and developed. In the transmission train of a satellite communication antenna, planetary gearboxes play an important role. However, due to its complexity and lack of condition feature, condition monitoring of planetary gearboxes remains challenging. The ensemble multiwavelet analysis approach proposed in this paper makes it possible to monitor the condition of planetary gearboxes. Multiwavelet has an advantage over characterizing the non-stationary signal due to the property of multi-resolution analysis and the multiple wavelet basis functions. The adaptive multiwavelet basis function is constructed by increasing multiplicity, and the ensemble multiwavelet transform is used to process the vibration signal in order to enable accurate condition feature detection and multi-resolution analysis across the entire frequency range. To describe the state of the planetary gearbox, the normalized ensemble multiwavelet transform information entropy is finally calculated. The experimental planetary gearbox's condition is monitored to first confirm the proposed method's efficacy. The results of this method's application to ship-based satellite communication antenna planetary gearbox condition monitoring demonstrate its viability.

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