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Predictive Medicine Potential: Unveiling Early Immune Response Molecular Markers in Tuberculosis


Nuria Stein*

The global burden of Tuberculosis (TB) remains a pressing public health challenge, necessitating innovative approaches for early diagnosis and effective management. The study delves into the emerging field of predictive medicine, focusing on the identification and exploration of early immune response molecular markers in TB. This review consolidates recent research findings that highlight the pivotal role of immune responses in TB pathogenesis and the potential for predictive markers to revolutionize TB diagnostics and treatment monitoring. By investigating the intricate interplay between the host immune system and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of TB, the paper illuminates the rationale behind the utilization of immune response markers for predictive medicine. Moreover, this review underscores the significance of early TB diagnosis in curbing disease transmission and preventing severe clinical outcomes. As the field of immunology advances, the integration of predictive immune response markers could facilitate the development of point-of-care tests and personalized therapeutic interventions. However, challenges such as heterogeneity of immune responses and validation in diverse populations are acknowledged, prompting further research endeavors.

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