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Iron Chelation and Total Bio−Based Materials for Drug Delivery in the Battle against Cancer


Pio Zagni

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, with millions of people affected by this devastating disease each year. While significant progress has been made in the field of cancer treatment, there is still a pressing need for more effective and targeted therapeutic strategies. In recent years, iron chelation and total bio-based materials have emerged as promising approaches for drug delivery in the battle against cancer. This article will explore the potential of these innovative techniques and their impact on improving cancer treatment outcomes. Iron is an essential element for normal cellular function, but it can also play a role in cancer progression. Tumor cells often have an increased demand for iron to support their rapid growth and proliferation. Therefore, targeting iron metabolism in cancer cells has become an attractive strategy for therapeutic intervention. Iron chelation refers to the process of binding and removing excess iron from the body. By reducing the availability of iron, chelation therapy can hinder tumor growth and enhance the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments.

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