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Construction of Brand Identity through Brand Image: An Empirical Study of Digital Marketing Intelligence, E-Consumer Behavior and Brand Trust


Benish Shabbir and Qiu Xiaodong

This study explores the construction of brand identity through brand image as well as observes the E-consumer behavior regarding brand trust after theoretical analysis through literature.

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches adopted for this research study. For qualitative approach, data has been collected through interviews, telephonic and email discussion. There were also conducted round table conferences for data collection purpose. On the other hand, for quantitative approach, data was collected through questionnaires.

This research study discovered the significance of brand identity through brand image. It also explored the positive relationship of digital marketing intelligence and E-consumer behavior while digital marketing intelligence, E-consumer behavior and brand trust has a strong bound. If it is said that “E-consumer behavior and brand trust determined the value of digital marketing intelligence” then it would not be wrong. Findings of the study prove that brand image built any brand identity either it is positive or negative on the other hand it is also proven that E-consumer behavior and brand trust emerging digital marketing intelligence in all fields.

Digital marketing intelligence practices the relevant research to assist organizations to understand the brand identity. Digital marketing intelligence upraised the E-consumer behavior and brand trust. Two gaps were closed by this study: a) Comparisons of managers and Econsumers thoughts regarding with digital marketing intelligence were not discussed before. b) Digital marketing intelligence implementation with E-consumer behavior and brand trust were not discussed in previous studies.

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