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Studies on Stereotypes about Mongolia’s in the American Press


Amartuvshin Sukhee, Tserenjav Tsevegjav

The priming model’s theory in the mass communication and underlined the contents of the internal and external content assumptions. We analyzed on research of imaginations of Mongolia had written articles that published in the Press, in the period of 1868-1968. Also, content analyzes used to collect the assumptions from the texts, moreover analyzed the meaning which is based on main method of the content analyzes survey and integrated the results. It also assessed how the author's imagination, the individual's stereotype, influenced the reality of the present day and how it influenced to public and the group's imagination. Based on the result of the researching we regarded: Stereotype of Mongols, Stereotype of Mongolia, Stereotypes of Mongolian social, Stereotype of Mongolian’s history, culture and belief, Stereotype of Mongolians life. Additionally, we analyzed of negative and positive perceptions.

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