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Molecular Insights into the Benefits of Regular Exercise in Combating Immunological Mayhem during SARS-CoV-2 Infection


Deepyaman Das

Regular exercise helps to combat multifarious diseases by improving overall health of the individual. A recent study has proven that regular exercise can reduce the serious illness associated with COVID-19. Circulating miRNAs released from the muscles during strenuous exercise has also been found to have antiinflammatory effects. So, it was hypothesized that regular exercise might be releasing therapeutic miRNAs in the blood that might be reducing the immunological chaos in COVID-19 patients. Using network and systems biology approach, mRNA targets of 3 upregulated exomiRs (hsa-miR-486-5 p, hsa-miR-215-5 p, hsa- miR-941) in the blood of regularly exercising adults were mapped in the blood of COVID-19 patients. hsa-miR-215-5 p, hsa-miR-486-5 p and hsa-miR-941 were found to target 8, 93 and 99 upregulated mRNAs respectively. Functional enrichment analysis showed that hsa-miR-486-5 p might be preventing thrombosis and aggravated inflammation in regularly exercising COVID-19 patients. Thus, hsa-miR-486-5 p can be considered to have therapeutic roles against immunological damage caused by COVID-19.

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