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Media Narratives & Public Action: An Essay on Media Representation & Public Perception of Sustainability Issues.


Tezor K. Dedam

In contemporary society, social gaps and sustainability issues have affected several facets of human and community development. These challenges are further enhanced by negligible public action and media coverage is essential to enhancing public action. In this paper, a systematic review of literature is conducted for evaluating the aspects of modern media narratives that may have contributed to existing public perceptions of sustainability. Additionally, conceptual frameworks are established concerning how media narratives can influence public perception and opinion for actionable intervention. The results show that collective perception is essential for public action, and can be achieved through directing media narratives at social confines that define the targeted public. The paper also proposed a 3-D model for public news reception that defines the possibility or prevalence of public action. The results imply that; (a) public perception can be shaped through a social or indirect approach and (b) Activism and social change can be pursued along the 3-D model for public news reception.

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