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Isaac Newton′s Contribution to Computer Graphics


Penio Dimitrov Lebamovski*

This article presents and develops one of Isaac Newton's most significant discoveries and traces its application in computer graphics and 3D modelling. Newton was the first scientist to introduce the concept of limit, which is used in modern mathematical analysis and differential geometry. Newton's theory was further developed in this study. A new boundary method is presented, which finds application in geometry, physics, and computer graphics. Using the new approach, it is possible to draw a regular polygon. Subsequently, it can be used to construct more complex geometric objects, such as prism and pyramids. Based on the primitives: triangle, quadrilateral, cube, circle, sphere, cylinder (prism), cone, etc., arbitrary 3D models can be constructed. This article presents new authors mathematical software called StereoMV, which enables the export of 3D stereometry objects in files with the extension .obj. The generated 3D objects can be imported into a 3D modelling program like Blender. On their basis, using a variety of techniques, arbitrary and more complex models other than those of stereometry can be recreated. Thanks to the new method, it is possible to use a 3D library and, from there, visualization through virtual reality systems. This is the most significant contribution of the proposed boundary method. With the traditional programming approach using trigonometry, this is a difficult task to make it. The application of this innovative way of modelling can be added to a wide variety of projects, such as a 3D serious extreme game involved in the analysis of cardiac data.

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